I suspect he must have concealed something from telling his two government employers.---Quote---*Richmond Hill councillor works two full-time government jobs*Image: http://www.thestar.com/content/dam/t...arge.promo.jpg Godwin Chan, a Richmond Hill councillor, says he worked long hours seven days a week to juggle his duties as *a councillor* and highly-paid *counsel with the Ministry of the Attorney General*Between his two government jobs last year, Godwin Chan out-earned the premier of Ontario last year but Chan says he did both jobs well. By: Alyshah Hasham News reporter, Published on Mon Apr 29 2013 A Richmond Hill councillor with *two full-time government jobs* netting him $150,000 and $65,000 each last year says his heavy workload has never compromised his performance in both workplaces. “Do I serve my community well as a councillor? I think I demonstrate that with my attendance record, being on top of municipal issues and engaging in the interests of the community,” said Councillor Godwin Chan , elected to his second term as Ward 6 councillor in 2010. “And as a lawyer I would never compromise any of my professional integrity if I’m not getting the job done for (clients).” Until taking early retirement early this year, *Chan worked at the Ministry of the Attorney General*, making the Sunshine List of public sector employees earning more than $100,000 since 2007. All told, he earned more last year than then-premier Dalton McGuinty. “I have nothing to hide, everything was disclosed up front when I was seeking to have the privilege of representing the community where I live and that I love,” said Chan in response to concerns raised by a resident association, the Richmond Hill Watchdog Committee on Sunday. Natalya Telenchenko, chairperson of the committee formed at the start of April, remains skeptical, though she is not aware of any complaints related to Chan as a councillor. “How can a town councillor magically do two full-time jobs and be in two places at the same time?” she said in a statement, later adding: “it’s possible to have a second part-time job, but not a full-time government job with full pay and benefits.” Chan says he worked seven days a week, often 12 to 14 hour days, but an analysis in the Richmond Hill Liberal newspaper found that he had perfect council meeting attendance in 2011. “I give credit to my family who sacrificed with me,” he said. Richmond Hill Mayor Dave Barrow is defending Chan, noting that it is perfectly legal to have another job while serving as councillor: “I don’t receive any calls from his residents saying, ‘He’s not responding to me.’ I know he’s up-to-date with all the municipal issues.” Ward 4 councillor Lynn Foster says she know firsthand that it can be done. She held a “real job” at OLG for 12 years while on council — a feat made easier because regular council meeting are scheduled for the evenings. “Are you going to work hard hours? Yes. But it can be done quite well,” she said. However, other Richmond Hill councillors maintain that having a second full-time job isn’t what constituents expect. “If I was in a situation where I had a full-time job and I had another full-time one, one of my employers would likely be getting ripped off,” said Ward 1 councillor Greg Beros. “I only know when the meetings are at one o’clock (Chan) is not there,” said Ward 5 councillor Nick Papa.---End Quote---