I wanted to start a discussion, about the sort of people who try to engage in conversation with complete strangers for no good reason. As far as I know they're not places where you go to meet new friends, and the people I see there should be incidental to my life. I'm gonna give you one example from my life of this happening. So my question to you is: What is it with these people who think you care about their *****? Are they all lonely and just need someone to talk to, or do they really think they're doing people a service or something? How would you treat someone in a situation like that?Are you one of the people who'd approach someone in this manner? What's your excuse? I want answers. This was just one example. I've had this happen to be on places like boats, trains, concerts, and I've noted that these people tend to be a bit older. Is it because they don't have grandchildren they can tell about all this stuff? Share your own thoughts, opinions, and experiences. bla bla bla