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Thread: New Guide: Escort Secrets

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    Default New Guide: Escort Secrets

    In this guide you will learn:

    Where to Find Escorts Online
    10 Ways to Avoid Getting Caught with an Escort
    What is GFE and how far does it go?
    How to Identify Fake Escort Ads and Avoid Scams
    How to Read and Understand Escort Ads
    Toys You Never Dared to Bring Home, but Can Try with an Escort
    How to Get an Escort to Do What You Want
    The Top 10 Things NOT to do with an Escort

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    The Internet is filled with sites where you can find escorts. Originally, CraigsList was the preferred site for the working girl. When it shut down the adult services section back in 2008, Backpage took over as the leading resource for local escort ads. Just recently, due to pressure from the government, Backpage chose to close their adult services section as well.

    Of course, when you’re seeing an escort, the name of the game is discretion, especially if you’ve got a significant other. Even when unattached, nobody really wants to disclose that he or she is regularly getting an itch scratched by an escort. Luckily, there are ways to avoid getting caught.

    The main thing to remember is to destroy all evidence of any communications you’ve had with your escort. Once that is done, however, there are a other things to take care of:

    Set a regular time that you see your escort and stick to it. Maybe a Monday evening tryst works for you; and you’ve already established that you “work late” each and every Monday. In doing so, you arouse no suspicions by arriving home late after a long day at the “office”. If your cover story involves other elements, such as going golfing every Friday afternoon (but, instead, you meet your escort), don’t forget the accessories involved in your cover activity. Establish a schedule that allows you enough time for your encounters. However, when you get an urge to call your escort for an unscheduled meeting, be aware that your changed schedule may create some curiosity with your spouse, and it can make her wonder what you’re up to with a different routine. Men rarely vary from their normal routines, unless something is awry.

    Some men have such issues with their consciences, that they can’t help but act a little off when they begin seeing an escort. Do your best to avoid acting differently with your wife. Resist the urge to become extra romantic, when you previously were oblivious to such notions, in an effort to make her think she’s extra special to you. This will create questions immediately. And, if you act especially paranoid about her questions or her curiosity about your day, it will create warning flags for her, too. Act normally, just as you always have. Don’t be paranoid, extra lovey-dovey or inattentive in ways that you’ve always been conscious of. Don’t give your wife any reason to think that something is wrong.

    Refer to your encounters as business appointments. When you tell your friends or family members that you’re headed to a meeting or other business - related activity, it usually seems boring and evokes few questions beyond, “How was your meeting?” If business meetings don’t seem like they would be good covers for your appointments, make up spa sessions, doctor’s appointments or other consultations that don’t seem too interesting. The less importance or curiosity you draw to your activities, the better. If you don’t have to refer to your encounters at all, don’t do it, especially if they fit into your normal routine. However, leaving your house without a reason or purpose may seem suspicious.

    Resist the temptation to discuss the details of your upcoming encounter until you meet with your escort in person. You never know who could be listening in on your phone call or intercepting your email. Someone could accidentally overhear your conversation; and, when you talk about specific services you hope will be provided, it’s pretty obvious you’re not just going to the dentist. Additionally, it may not just be your wife or co - worker who overhears your phone call or reads your email. Law enforcement officers are always looking to bust prostitution rings, and they may be trying to get some information on your escort. By discussing these types of details over the phone, the encounter could be completely misunderstood by the authorities. You could provide them with information to think the escort is providing sex for money, instead of time for pay.

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    Allow your escort to reveal the meeting location at the last minute. When your meeting location is specified in advance, someone can beat you there. For instance, if your wife hears you making the date with your escort, she may arrive at the location before you. Or, any police officers who are tracking you and your escort could set up a sting to catch you in the act. It’s best to avoid letting anyone know about the location until the last minute. That way nobody besides you and your escort will know your meeting place until it’s time for the encounter.

    Avoid places and areas you never visit. If you never make it downtown, don’t go there. Insist that you and your escort meet somewhere that is typical for you to be seen. Going somewhere that you rarely go only causes questions when someone you know sees you there. Even if they just saw you driving, it may create questions. Avoid situations that will cause you lots of questions and the need to create lies on the spot.

    Keep your encounters indoors. Public dalliances could put your rendezvous in the spotlight. Regardless of whether you’re going to dinner in an out - of - the - way restaurant or enjoying a ballgame at the stadium, you could run into family, friends or co - workers who will want to know what you’re doing with “that blonde.” Even if you don’t run into someone you know at a ballgame, you could end up on television, if the game is being broadcast. Don’t go with your escort from the car to the hotel room; you could see someone you know in the hotel lobby or elevator. Keep away from your escort except for behind closed doors. It’s a private relationship; keep it that way in order to stay discreet.

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    Default What is GFE and how far does it go?

    GFE stands for “girlfriend experience”, which means extra conversation, extra cuddling and kissing, and a chance of a bareback blowjob. The girlfriend experience is a common service provided by escorts all across the globe. An escort who performs as a girlfriend provides listening, affection, intimacy and emotional support that many clients lack in their personal lives.

    The GFE is probably the most requested service provided by escorts, and it’s no surprise, especially when reports like “The Intimacy Prism: Emotion Management among Clients of Escorts” come out with research detailing how clients respond to their encounters with escorts.

    According to the report, written by George Washington University sociology professor Ronald Weitzer and Los Angeles sexologist Christine Milrod and published in Men and Masculinities , nearly one - third of all men who see escorts experience deep affection for their escorts and desire an ongoing relationship with them outside of the escort/client boundaries. After reviewing 3,187 postings in an online forum, the authors of the study surmised something that most escorts already know: pure prostitution is being gradually replaced by high - end, quasi - dating relationships. While street prostitution is further marginalized, the escort industry is experiencing significant growth in both clients and mainstream attention. The authors assessed the GFE and said, “Sex is part of the package, but it is coupled with mutual sharing, support and companionship. Like any other commercially packaged leisure activity, intimacy is now readily available for a price. ” Very true. Escorts are willing to pull out all the stops in order to engage in a relationship with a client that makes him feel emotionally secure, cared for and appreciated.

    Playing with fire. Yet sometimes clients – and escorts – struggle with the scenario and begin to lose sight the boundary lines. The authors wrote in their report that clients struggle with “the unanticipated demands of an evolving romantic relationship and experience tension” associated with the gradual changes. The counterfeit intimacy often transitions into an emotional bond between the two parties, leaving both feeling confused and unsure where the fantasy ends and real life begins.

    Escorts are told time and time again that when emotions become involved, they are playing with fire. Clients often attach significance to touching, conversation and sharing their emotions with a sympathetic ear — and those experiences often translate to more than just a professional relationship. It really isn’t anyone’s fault when a client begins to assign an emotional attachment to normal services provided by the escort. In many cases, it is inevitable that a relationship outside of the simple “leave the envelope on the table by the door” scenario occurs. Both an escort and a client may become involved and entangled in the other’s life. It becomes even more confusing when an escort begins to loosen up her guidelines with a client. Sometimes, because she genuinely enjoys her time with a client, she may allow the two - hour appointment slip into a three - hour encounter without charging any extra fee. Or, she may be willing to do something extra for a client, that she normally doesn’t include in her services. Sometimes, escorts are willing to see a client “off the clock” for a special occasion or other event. When these boundary lines blur, the relationship becomes even more befuddling, and both the escort and the client may be left wondering exactly where their relationship stands. Even though most clients seek out an experience with escorts without any expectations or desires for anything emotional transpiring, clients who become regulars often develop feelings for their escorts. Emotional connections are commonplace when not only sex, but your inner thoughts and feelings are shared with someone.

    When not emotionally vested themselves, many escorts complain that their clients become needy, attached and too involved, without realizing they have opened up a fantasy world for their clients that is believable and desirable. This may be a downfall to being an escort, for someone who is good at her job. An escort who is beautiful, charming and outgoing may find that clients regularly fall in love with her, especially when she is consistently giving them the GFE. She has to remember to always instill her boundaries in order to never give her client the wrong idea or to lead him on senselessly. However, that is not to say that it’s the escort’s fault. To the contrary, it’s a part of human nature. Even though common culture states that women are more prone to attach emotional significance to sex than men are, many men who are lonely or looking for an emotional attachment may imagine they find that with an escort who is simply being nice to him...sometimes doing her job as a paid friend.

    Can it work? Each situation is completely different, and it’s impossible to determine whether a relationship built from escort/client encounters is workable. While the emotions experienced for an escort may be very real on the part of the client, the escort’s emotional attachment must be genuine in order for there to be any future in the relationship’s success. Sometimes, both people are equally involved and wrapped up in each other. When that occurs, it’s great! Other than working out logistics, their relationship may have a future, if they can get past the fact that the escort still sees and showers other clients with attention and intimacy, too. The fact that the escort still has other clients is often a sticking point for many relationships. Because the escorting business is her livelihood , a client shouldn’t expect his girlfriend to give it up. However, jealousy over the attention she gives to other clients can become a real issue that undermines the success of a romance. Other times, a client may feel more for his escort than she feels f or him. Even though they may attempt to make a romance work, it will be difficult to separate the “pay for play” portion of the relationship with the real emotional aspect of the connection. Escorts enter the business with the intention of avoiding deep emotional attachments to their clients. They may have genuine affection for their clients, but they know that it isn’t good business to become romantically involved. Clients who expect escorts to just jump into their arms after a steamy encounter will be sadly disappointed. These things take time, and it may never grow into the relationship a client hopes it will. All that being said, clients should never expect to find his one and only through an escort directory. And, an escort should never anticipate that a client is going to come along and whisk her off her feet, marrying her to make “an honest woman out of her”. While these things do happen, the escort industry is not a dating service that is expected to culminate in in a wedding.

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    Default How to Identify Fake Escort Ads and Avoid Scams

    We’re all humans, we all appreciate a little R&R in our lives, so wouldn’t it be nice if we could just get our rocks off without having to deal with the various lowlifes of the world? Unfortunately, because of the nature of the escort and provider business, scammers and bad citizens are attracted to it. Here at, we’ve seen three main types of problems that people have to deal with:

    1. Completely fake ads by posters who are just looking for money
    2. Providers who don’t look anything like their photos
    3. Escort bookings that end with the customer being robbed If you live in a jurisdiction where prostitution or escorting is illegal and you want to stay out of trouble with the law, continue reading.

    Completely fake ads by posters who are just looking for money. These are fake ads that are set up to draw a client in. The goal is to get a deposit for the booking sent to them, after which they cancel at the last minute, or simply fail to show up at the place you where agreed to meet. Usually the ad is priced slightly cheaper than normal with a wide range of services on offer and, of course, the provider is nearly always very good looking. A famous example of this type of ad is the “Exotic Christi” or “Sensual Christi” ads which we constantly take down.

    Sometimes these scammers will have a phone number where a female voice answers (if the provider is female, obviously) in a sultry manner, but most often they will only respond to text messages. Upon contacting them, the time you are requesting will of course be available, and they only need a small deposit “to make sure you show up as we’ve had so many cancellations…” After sending the scammer the deposit (they’ll be various methods) you’re out of luck. Never, ever, pay a deposit. If a provider asks for this, don’t let your little brain do the talking, simply say “No, thanks” and go elsewhere.

    Providers who don’t look anything like their photos. This, unfortunately, happens somewhat frequently. You see a gorgeous girl in an advertisement, you call her up, she sounds sweet, 30 minutes later she’s knocking at your hotel room door, you open the door in your robe all ready to greet her and then boom! Let’s just say, this wasn’t just a little bit of photoshopping. In other circumstances, you may feel like a blonde, but instead a brunette arrives at your door claiming that “oh, I just dyed my hair yesterday and I haven’t taken new photos yet.” This happens when a few girls (or guys) work together and the person you call is busy, so they send their friend, thinking if someone shows up at your door, you aren’t going to turn them away.

    The easiest way to guard against this is, when you’re making an appointment, to politely ask the provider to send you a photo of her/himself in the mirror holding up a piece of paper with some text on it like, “Hi Sam”, where Sam is the name you are using. This ensures that it’s a freshly taken photo and the person that meets you looks like the person in the ad.

    If you’re communicating with the provider by email, you may want to write along these lines: Hi Barbie, before we set up a meeting, I’m wondering if you can send me a photo of yourself in the mirror holding up a piece of paper with the writing ‘Hi Sam’ on it. I know your time is valuable, and I apologize for the inconvenience, but in the past I’ve been a victim of a ‘bait and switch’ scam a few times where the provider photos in the ads looked nothing like the actual person that showed up at my door. I respect your privacy and I don’t need to see any nude photos, but I’d like to be able to generally see how your body looks as well, again just to make sure you look like the photos in the ad. Thank you for your time Sam

    This will both give the provider a sense of security as you’re letting them know you’ve been with providers before, you understand their concerns about time and privacy and that you’re a polite person. If the provider doesn’t want to take a couple of minutes to snap a few photos proving that their photos are real, then either they aren’t real, or they’re not going to give you good service. Best to move on.

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    Default How to avoid robberies by a provider

    There are two main types of robberies that happen in this business:

    1. Meetings that are setups for a robbery
    2. Opportunistic robberies, where you pay your provider an agreed upon fee, and they suddenly dash out of the hotel room with the money. Alternatively, you may be robbed whilst you’re in the shower or some variation on this.

    Realize that you can never be 100% safe in this business, especially if you’re seeing a provider in an area where prostitution is illegal or semi-legal. Some providers will take advantage of this by assuming you won’t go to the police if they rob you. Accept that there will always be some risk, and that your best course of action is to minimize your risks and if something bad does happen to minimize the potential damage that could be done to you.

    With that in mind, a small selection of advice:

    Get the provider to send you a photo of themselves before setting a date, not only will you be able to verify their looks, but the provider is much less likely to rob you if they know you have a real photo of them.
    When seeing a provider in their place of business, after walking into their room, greet the provider nicely and take a quick look around to make sure no one else is there. Make sure the apartment or hotel door is then locked with the chain or extra door stop in place to prevent anyone else from entering and surprising you. If the provider gets worried when you do this, just smile and say, “I once got robbed by a provider’s partner entering with a keycard she’d given her boyfriend, so I have to do this for my own security.

    If the provider is traveling, or you’ve never met them before, there is a somewhat increased risk of the provider taking the money and dashing out the door while you’re in the shower or washroom. Some people insist on not paying in advance because of this, but you’ll find that some providers (having been ripped off before) will be nervous if you don’t pay them in advance and this will result in a poor session or conflict before the session. You’ll have to determine what you do on a case by case basis, but we always suggest giving the provider the money upfront, and then letting them know you’ll be happy to tip after the session if you’re happy. This will put the provider at ease, and give them some incentive to give you a better session.

    To recap:
    Never send money before meeting a provider
    Ask for the provider to send you a photo in advance with them holding up «Hi Sam» on a piece of paper in a mirror.
    Paying for services in advance will depend on your relationship with the provider.

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    Default How to Read and Understand Escort Ads

    If you’re a newbie to patronizing ladies of negotiable affection, then you do not know how to read an escort ad. Escorts use lots of abbreviations to describe their skills and some of your favorite sexual acts. They use a ton of terms to describe themselves as well. “BBW”, big beautiful woman or “DDG”, drop dead gorgeous, to name two. I’m here to give you the heads up on some of the more regularly seen terms. However, you can check out the dictionary of escort terms, which will give you the entire gamut!

    Now if you pay to spend time with a lady you are a “john”, a man who pays for sex with a woman. The most regularly seen term you will see on any ad is “GFE” (girlfriend experience.) It’s what most men are looking for so it’s what most women will offer. And as you know these ladies are “ASP” Adult Service Providers being paid to be physical with you. Now HOW and WHAT she will perform can easily be deciphered. There’s the classic “Missionary” or “Mish”, a man on top during intercourse. Or maybe you prefer an “Asian Cowgirl”, a woman who rides on top during intercourse, squatting over the man on her feet, not on her knees. Then there’s “Reverse Cowgirl” when a woman rides on top, facing away. There’s “WAH”, wild ass humping and of course the “69″, when partners perform oral sex on each other simultaneously.

    There are many terms used to reference a condom. “A cover”, “raincoat”, “London fog”, “Jimmy hat”. Those are some of the most used. When a woman goes down on you without a condom it’s referred to as going “bareback”. Thus, fellatio without a condom is “BBJ” bareback blow job and if you’re lucky it’s “BBJC”, bareback blow job to “completion”, orgasm. Although you will also see the term “CBJ” in many ads which stands for covered blow job. When a girl goes “deep throat”, it is a blow job when the whole shaft of the penis is “swallowed”. If you’re lucky, you can CIM—”cum in her mouth”, plus there’s always “BLS”: ball licking and sucking.

    Ejaculating is dealt with in many ways for these professional ladies. There’s “facial”, when a man ejaculates in a woman’s face, or “pearl necklace” when a man ejaculates on a woman’s neck or chest. “HJ” stands for hand job. Many girls are very open to deep French, tongue kissing “DFK”, but some are only interested in “LFK”, light French kissing. Many well let you touch their “blackholes”, anus. Still others will let you “toss the salad” which is tongue in the blackhole, anilingus. And if you’re feeling extra frisky there’s always anilingus and fellatio. When reading the ads you will notice many references to foreign places. These are very simply sexual terms. “French” is oral sex. “Italian” is penis between butt cheeks, while “Russian” is penis between her breasts. And who would have known that “San Juan Capistrano” is a bareback blowjob to completion with swallowing? On this globe, Greece represents something many men are either afraid to ask or not likely to get at home — butt sex. How to know if an escort will do anal? Look for the following flags: “Greek”, anything to do with islands like “a tour of the islands”, “Mediterranean”, “A-level” in British escort slang all refer to anal sex. “Around the world” is a code for 3 orifices and therefore includes anal.

    Group sex is often an option and referred to as “doubles”, threesomes. It is written in ads in the following ways, MMF (male, male, female), MFF (male, female, female). Whatever you do, be careful about “STD”‘s, sexually transmitted diseases, and “VD”, venereal disease. And when performing, if you need an extra pick me up, there’s always “the blue pill”, Viagra. With time and patience, you will get to learn all the terms and be an expert.

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    Default Toys You Never Dared to Bring Home, but Can Try with an Escort

    Many men have fantasies that they are embarrassed to share with their spouse or significant other. Seeing an escort gives you the ability to experimenting sexually. Here’s few sex toys that might make your wife cringe, but your escort would most likely be pleased to play with.

    Fur-Lined Handcuffs. Being restrained is a traditional punishment as well as a central element of bondage. And nothing says kinky fun like a pair of metal handcuffs. These handcuffs fit easily around your lover’s wrists or even a bedpost. The cuffs come with a removable fur lining. Leave the lining on if you need to gently introduce your partner to bondage and then take it off when you’re ready for edgier games. The cuffs come with keys for roleplaying, but they also feature a release lever for safety.

    Paddle. If you need a stronger punishment, there’s nothing like a good spanking with a paddle. Simply bend your partner over and give them a fun whack with a kinky faux-leather paddle. The paddle delivers a satisfyingly loud smacking sound along with a gentle sting.

    Padded Blindfold. Being unable to see is one of the strictest punishments around and a fantastic way to spice up foreplay. A softly padded blindfold slips over your lover’s face, leaving them completely in the dark. This forces your lover to focus on their other senses, making even the slightest touch feel incredibly erotic. Not being able to anticipate your actions makes everything you do a complete surprise, which heightens the experience even more.

    Dominant/Submissive Agreement. The ultimate punishment involves submitting completely to your partner. Based on the same contracts you’ve read about in best-selling erotic novels, this agreement outlines the different responsibilities of the dominant and the submissive. Learn all about the master and sub relationship and decide if you want to try it. Then customize the contract as needed to fit your lifestyle.

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    Default How to Get an Escort to Do What You Want

    When you’re dating an escort, you definitely want to work the encounter to your advantage so you get what you want from the experience. Believe it or not, your escort wants it that way, too.
    However, in order to get what you want from your escort, YOU should make an effort during the encounter to make it possible:

    Communicate with your escort
    Escorts, while they may be experts at reading body language and non-verbal cues, are not mind readers. When they first meet you, they have no idea what you expect and want from the experience. In order to have the type of encounter you desire, it’s essential that you attempt to communicate to your escort what you want from her. Here are some tips:

    Talk to them directly about what you want. (This tip is for in-person communication only.) If you want a girlfriend experience, let her know that. Maybe you desire to fulfill some role-playing fantasy where you play cop/robber, cowboy/Indian, teacher/student, doctor/nurse or some other enactment. She won’t know this unless you discuss it with her. It may be difficult to get the conversation started, but rest assured; she wants to know what’s on your mind.

    Ask for what you want. If the encounter has progressed and things aren’t going exactly as you wish it would, ask for what you want. Your escort won’t be opposed to switch gears in order to make you happy (unless you’re asking her to cross personal limitations she has set for herself). Your escort will also appreciate you verbalizing what you hope will happen next.

    Explain yourself. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand what a client wants or needs. Be prepared to tell your escort, in detail, what you hope will happen during your encounter. Feel free to explain your wants and how you wish them to occur. Explaining what you want clearly involves you knowing what you want to happen. Imagine the perfect experience in your head, and explain the encounter (as you see it happening) to your escort, so she can have a clear vision, too.

    Share your fantasy. Escorts appreciate it when you tell the how you want your fantasy to occur. Simply sharing the basics of it may not bring it to life for you if she doesn’t know the dirtiest, kinkiest or most off-the-wall part of it. If how she removes your tie or unzips your belt is part of the fantasy, don’t leave that part out. Explain how your fantasy makes you feel, too, because that will help her set the tone for the experience.

    Respect your escort
    Your escort is obligated to spend time with you because you pay her. However, when you give her respect, consideration, courtesy and empathy she may try harder to make your encounter extra special.

    Treat them as a friend. Giving your escort respect for the person she is, because of her intelligence, personality, wit and other admirable qualities (in addition to the fact she may be beautiful) gives your escort even more reasons to ensure your experience with her is a top-notch one. Demonstrate it by treating her as an equal or peer.

    Empathize with your escort. Their life may not be coming up all roses. Realize this and treat her with empathy.

    Act with consideration. Even though your time with an escort is supposed to be about you, it’s nice to be considerate. Making sure your hotel room is warm enough, asking her if she’s comfortable and offering to play the kind of music she prefers are ways that you may be considerate of her wishes without sacrificing the elements of the encounter you want and need.

    Be courteous. If you are entering a restaurant with your escort, hold the door open for her and allow her to enter ahead of you. Open the car door for her. Say “good-bye” when talking to her on the telephone instead of simply hanging up at the end of the phone call. It doesn’t take anything to be courteous, and it can mean the world to an escort (who sometimes isn’t treated as nicely as she should be by her clients). Simply being courteous may earn you brownie points that will make your encounter extra special.

    Do what you want to be done to you
    Treat your escort in a similar manner so they know throughout the date what you’re expecting. Show them what you want through doing it. For instance, if you want a deep massage, massage her in the same manner you wish to be massaged. Touch or stroke her in the way in which you desire to be touched during your encounter. Talk to her in the manner you want to hear; for instance, if you want dirty talk, talk dirty yourself.

    Tip well
    As you’d expect in any situation where something is sold for money, escorts love your wallet, not you. To be appreciated, you are encouraged to ignore the rates they themselves come up with and pay as much as possible. Conversely, clients who pay the escort’s own rate shouldn’t expect a lot of enthusiasm. Give generously. You can leave an extra $20 or $100 bill in the envelope each time you meet with your escort. The “extra” always comes in handy and shows her that you appreciate her and what she has to offer you. It also demonstrates that you feel she is worth it. Grant her a gift certificate to one of her favorite boutiques or spas. Even though cash is king in the escort industry, the gift certificate will tell her that you pay enough attention to her to know where she shops and lets her know you appreciate what she does for you.

    Behave. Avoid detrimental behavior when you’re visiting with an escort. Acting in a negative manner will work against you getting what you want from an escort, and it may even end the encounter altogether.
    Speak and converse. Clients who are silent or extra quiet are often creepy to escorts. Being too quiet or reserved can work against your favor when with an escort. She feels extra pressure to hold up the conversation and may feel threatened by your eerie silence.

    Be cool. Acting anxiously or nervously may make an escort think you are wired or representing law enforcement. While it may seem normal to be nervous the first time you meet with an escort, it’s sometimes very upsetting to an escort if you are extremely nervous or anxious.

    Be sober for your encounter with your escort. Being drunk or high is an automatic reason for an escort to call off the appointment. Getting intoxicated or being high can cause a client to act out of the ordinary, sometimes violently. A client who is drunk or high can be a danger to an escort, which will certainly not aid you in getting what you want from your time with an escort.

    Act nicely. Overbearing, demanding or pushy clients make escorts uncomfortable. They can feel threatened or insulted. Pushing an escort to cross her personal boundaries or demanding she act a certain way are sure-fire methods to make your encounter with your escort less than stellar.

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    Default The Top 10 Things NOT to do with an Escort

    The use of escort services is definitely not a new thing in society. This type of an arrangement has been going on for centuries. Throughout time, not much has changed about the expectations and the services offered by escorts. The same rules generally apply; as do the rules about what you shouldn’t do with an escort. Here are some tips about how not to behave when you’re on a date with your escort.

    #1 - Don’t be mean
    Escorts deserve your respect and kindness. You should not be condescending, unkind or disrespectful to an escort just because you’re paying for the time spent with him or her. Common manners and compassion will prove to an escort that you’re worthy of the date and a candidate for future dates, too. Cruelty and contempt are grounds for an escort to walk out on the date prior to its conclusion.

    #2 - Don’t ask for a freebie
    As you set up your date, you agreed to a set fee. It is unfair and impractical to ask the escort to “give a freebie.” The escort has a job to do, a job in which they get paid. This is how escorts pay the bills and buy the groceries. You wouldn’t consider asking an attorney or doctor for free services; it’s inappropriate to ask an escort to provide their time and services for free.

    #3 - Don’t invite your friends along
    The appointment you set up was for and you only, unless you specifically requested something different at the time. The fee originally agreed upon was for time spent with you, not with a group. An escort does not have to stay if you have invited others along.

    #4 - Don’t be nervous or shy
    Even if this is your first time with an escort, don’t be nervous. Relax and let the escort make you comfortable. This is what he or she is skilled at; don’t be so nervous the escort can’t do the job you are paying him or her for. Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Escorts work in an unusual world, so your question is probably not the first one of its kind they have heard. If you want to know something, ask it!

    #5 - Don’t cancel without notification
    There’s nothing worse than to be stood up for an appointment or a date. Don’t do this to your escort. If something happens where you can’t meet or if you change your mind about the date, call to let them know. Not doing so only shows rudeness and disrespect.

    #6 - Don’t ignore boundaries
    Every escort has a different set of rules or guidelines they stick to. If you attempt to go beyond them, the escort may call of the date immediately. Respect their rules and abide by their requests.

    #7 - Don’t arrive dirty
    Escorts don’t want to go on a date or have an appointment with someone sweaty from the gym or dirty from work. Please be sure to shower or clean up prior to meeting with your escort. If that’s not possible, oblige your escort’s requests by showering when you get to your meeting.

    #8 - Don’t lose track of your belongings
    While it’s nice to think we all live in a perfect world, it’s true that we don’t. Some escorts are not honest and trustworthy. Therefore, it’s never a wise idea to allow your wallet, cell phone or other valuables out of your sight.

    #9 - Don’t lend your phone
    With mobile phones having so many options today, it’s never wise to lend your phone to anyone. If your escort asks to use your phone, just simply tell him or her you’re not comfortable with that. Offer to make a phone call if necessary, but don’t give him or her your phone.

    #10 - Don’t loan money
    No matter how much you may like a particular escort, do not lend money! This creates a personal relationship outside the escort-client relationship, which is never a good idea. Keep your relationship purely to the agreed arrangement.

    By abiding by these “10 Don'ts,” you will find your experience with escorts to be enhanced and very enjoyable. The most important thing to remember is to enjoy yourself and have fun!

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