I saw Amanda a few weeks back. Booking was very easy. Got to a very, very seedy hotel. The kind of place you really don't want to be, in broad daylight, let alone at night. It was not well lit, and again, shitting my pants going in. This is when I should have gone home at watched a Disney movie or something. Being a little bit drunk (but not staggering), and against the advice of my cab driver, I went in anyways. She opened the door and looked good at first glance, but you know the old song, "she not pretty she just looks that way". Her ad says 22, but she looks 29. Her hair looked kinda greasy. Obvious, cheap enhancement, that looked fake, IMHO, I'd rather have a natural A+ or B than a fake C or higher. Her tattoos were very trashy. Not a fan of Tattoos, her pics didn't have them, so I felt scammed. BTW, it was NOT her in the pics in her ad, guaranteed. Her french accent was not like a sweet "girl next door from the burbs", more like the french sailors old fat wife french accent, if you know what I mean. She had a bit of a sour smell, like she needed a good shower yesterday but still hadn't gotten around to it. She didn't even put on any perfume or anything to hide it. Then when she took things off... Whew, that girl was fighting some serious infection or something. I am embarrassed to say, having the liquid courage in me, that I went ahead anyways. Nothing oral on my part with that dirty smell which started to grow and was starting to turn me off as I was about to end, but it just made the rotten experience last longer. So I just breathed in and lout my mouth and pounded her as hard as I could until I blew. Even if the smell wasn't a factor, she was very forgettable. All acts were safe... She punched me in the 6-pack afterwards, not so lightly but not exactly hard either, for slamming her so hard.
I DO NOT RECOMMEND. If you lose your sense of smell, your eyesight is blurry and you don't care about your health, hey give her a call. Don't get me wrong, she seems nice and all, she just needs to take a lot better care of herself.