Now this girl in sq1 area i looked at her ad and i really think she was nice and would provide great service when i call her i ask her hi how u doing juat to be a bit more class and respectful. She ask me what do you want im like okay roty attitude so i ask her rates and stuff she tells me so i asked her where the location she said sq1 so i asked to text me the exact location i can tell she didnt want to give the exact location she just kept saying sq1. So now im thinking why are you even showing off your ads or asking respectful gents when you have that nasty attitude saying what do you want or you dont have time. I told some of my friends about this and they told me they do the same thing that shes not a peoples person and will continue wasting your time actually rude and disrespectful pne of my friends said he went and he said the service was terrible she wasnt into it or here to please her clients and she posts ao many of ads she has like 3 or 4. Listen guys if i were you if you see these ads move on dont bother waste time with her cuz she gonna waste your time and likes to play games and give you the worst service and she should really work on her attitude too if she wants clients coming back. I dont know why you would join this and not want to provide a good service and lying in your ads too. But anyways these are the ads

3 ads same person and she would post all 3 in a day