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Thread: Flordia Prostitution Law- Start In The Beginning!!!

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    Talking Flordia Prostitution Law- Start In The Beginning!!!

    The freedom to sex work is start at the very beginning with the rules of construction. What was the advice giving to Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz? Start in the beginning of the yellow brick road. The definition of person in the statutes is public record. You can find it on the State of Florida website.

    "(3) The word “person” includes individuals, children, firms, associations, joint adventures, partnerships, estates, trusts, business trusts, syndicates, fiduciaries, corporations, and all other groups or combinations."- Florida Statutes 1.01

    The word include means to contain or embrace. The word is expansive. For example, my car includes new battery. It is use to highlight important components of the car but doesn't exclude other parts. Everything after the world include must be there or else is a false statement. If you are a car dealer and state that the car includes new battery and it doesn't have a battery, you are making a false statement.

    If an attorney tells you that the person includes the man, woman, or child, the attorney is telling you the government owns them. The fictional person contains the man, woman, or child.

    The judge only authority is over the name. The name is a fictional person that surround the dead corpse of Christ (corporate body). If the judge ask if you are going to represent yourself, you are acting as Christ. The word "self" is identical.

    When you were born, the state formed a corporation that has the same name as you. If someone wants to incorporate, they need to file with the secretary of state. Incorporate denotes to be part of a bigger corporation which we call government. There are private acts pass by Congress and the legislatures. The state can form and register corporations without filing with secretary of state.

    If you get into the Model Penal Code, the word "hire" denotes paying a pimp. You don't want to start in the middle when you don't have an attorney license. An attorney got the bar license to play in the middle. If you start making prostitution loopholes argument in court and you are not an attorney, you will be burned. The judge may twist words to fit the case. Hire can denotes paying a pimp, money, or contract someone for services.

    john-william advice is that you don't want to start driving 70 mph on the freeway. You want to start off at the beginning. If you jump in the middle, the judge can twist it to what their outcome.

    If you don't meet the statutory definition of person, all the states' prostitution laws don't apply to you. Yes, there are court cases on mistress-lovers relationship. You don't have the bar license to use these cases. If it doesn't pertain to you, why fight against something that doesn't apply to you. The state have the right to regulate their realm. Their realm is the fictional and Extraterrestrial Realm. Why argue about the rules that the neighbors have for their household?

    I am still updating. I will be busy for these next couple of days. Please check my blog out.

    Prostitution Loopholes Exposed

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    "(a) “Prostitution” means the giving or receiving of the body for sexual activity for hire but excludes sexual activity between spouses."-Florida Statutes 796.07 

    Hire can mean paying a pimp, money, or contracting for services. If you start arguing the loopholes in court, the judge will twist it from paying a pimp to money or contracting for services. You going to get screw. That why you never want to start arguing what hire mean.

    If the judge don't care about you don't meet the statutory definition of person, go the argument there is no money.

    Congress defines Federal Reserve Notes, gold and silver coins, and other coins as legal tender. Tender denotes an unconditional promise to pay money. Congress state that money of the United States is measured in gold. Money only exist in the Extra-Terrestrial realm and not in our ream.

    Money doesn't exist so hire doesn't exist. If money doesn't exist, prostitution doesn't exist.

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    Default Person is a fiction!!!

    There are two types of persons in the statutes. There is a real person which is the dead corpse of Christ (Extra-terrestrial being). This can be compared to the mummy. The sarcophagus forms the fictional persons around the mummy. The ALL CAPITAL NAME (ex. JOE BLOW JOB) is the fictional statutory person that surrounds the corporation or body politics and corporate.

    The giving or receiving of the body is the renting out of the real person (corpse of Christ) for sexual activity for money. That is what going on in the prostitution laws.

    The prostitution laws is address the fictional person for prostituting the real person. The person performing the sexual activity is the living mummy. A fictional person cannot perform sexual conduct.

    The prostitution law dealing with the fictional person in selling, buying, or renting the real person for sexual conduct by the live man or woman acting as an agent.

    Even if the live man or woman acting as an agent, they can walk away from the fictional person, the fictional person receive the sentence, and Christ (corporate body and body politics) will live out the sentence.

    The live man or woman got tricked into serving the sentence as a substitute for Christ through word trickery.

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    Talking This only applies to corporations!!!

    The person is the fictional corporation. The body politics and corporate body is the real corporation.

    Let's use Burger King as an example. Burger King is a fiction so it cannot do anything. It requires an agent do things for it. The statutes can only touch Burger King. If the employee did the act within Burger King the state can only charge Burger King and it cannot touch the employee. Let's say that Burger King pimp their burgers with too much ketchup. Pimping out the burgers with too much ketchup is a Class A misdemeanor.

    If the judge sentence Burger King to jail, the equipment and properties within Burger King including the tools to make hamburger goes to jail with it. This allows the creditors to operate Burger King and extract all the profit when it is in the jail status.

    The employee of Burger King which is the live man or woman should able to walk away from the crime. The judge place them "in person" which is within Burger King. The judge may ask "Are you Burger King In Fact", the judge got them to agree to be inside Burger King. Then the live man or woman can go to jail with Burger King. That is how it works.

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