You are out running errands on your lunch break when a woman passes by and catches your attention. As she walks by, you inhale the subtle scent of her delicious perfume. She is petite with dark hair, mischievous eyes, and carries herself with a quiet confidence that others can't help but notice. She makes eye contact and genuinely smiles at you in a world where everyone seems to be in a rush to get where they're going . You pause to watch her and notice a calm air about her that is like a breath of fresh air. She's beautiful, sexy, and yet you just know that she is down to earth and easy going. You ask yourself, who is that?! You are immediately curious and can't stop thinking about her for the rest of the day.

Oh, her? That's just me, an intelligent, ambitious woman who always looks at the glass as half full. I am sarcastic and playful by nature and enjoy meeting respectful gentlemen who truly know how to treat a lady. Quality, as opposed to quantity, is my motto and I take great pleasure in offering an exclusive experience to a select few. Time with me is truly time well spent.

My website and Twitter feed are both packed with eye candy and, more importantly, evidence of how my mind works. It would be in both our best interests if you took the time to peruse them to ensure you like what you read.

Looking forward,