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Thread: Rhode Island Prostitution Laws & Living Mummies!!!

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    Talking Rhode Island Prostitution Laws & Living Mummies!!!

    Many sovereign citizens believe the person is a corporate fiction on paper. I came to find out the person is more than a corporate fiction on paper. If the person is a pure fiction, it cannot do sexual conduct. So the prostitution laws won't make sense.

    "Person" defined. – The word "person" extends to and includes co-partnerships and bodies corporate and politic"
    - Rhode Island Statutes § 43-3-6

    When you were born, I believe the hospital are staffed with secret society members. They sneak your genetic material underground to the Extraterrestrial facilities. The ETs formed an artificial clone called Christ using your genetic material and mixing with aliens. Christ get sacrifice and it becomes dead. The dead Christ is called corporate body.

    “(a) In determining the meaning of any Act of Congress, or of any ruling, regulation, or interpretation of the various administrative bureaus and agencies of the United States, the words “person”, “human being”, “child”, and “individual”, shall include every infant member of the species homo sapiens who is born alive at any stage of development.”– 1 United States Code 8

    The ETs then insert infant members of the homo sapiens species into the corporate body. The infant members are the body politics or natural person.

    For a long time, I didn’t believe the ALL CAPITAL NAME is a corporation. It is a corporate trust because it contains the corpse of Christ with infants. The reason is that it is not register with the secretary of state and there is no board of directors. I found out that the business corporation with the secretary of state is incorporated. That means it is part of the bigger corporation which is government.

    The ALL CAPITAL NAME is containing the ET being called corporate and body politics. It is not incorporated. Also there is a private government and public government. There are ways that attorneys register corporation with the private government. The statutes are prima facia evidence of law and not law. Legislatures have private act session in secret locations. These acts are not published. The whole legislative body and the governor belongs to Freemasonry so they can preserve the secrecy of the private act session. I won’t be surprise if the prostitution laws are all repealed.

    What the difference between natural person and artificial person? The best allegory is yeast and flour. Flour is the artificial body. Yeast is the natural body or body politics. The package of flour is an artificial person. The package of yeast are the natural person. When the yeast is mixed with flour and placed into a package, the package is called a person. A person is a blend of natural and artificial body.

    The mummy arises when it gets spell and energy. The mummy becomes the living dead and can have sexual conduct. Without spell and energy, the mummy is dead and cannot do a dam thing. The living mummy is the living dead. That what the prostitution statutes is regulating.

    “Prostitution. – (a) A person is guilty of prostitution when such person engages, or agrees, or offers to engage in sexual conduct with another person in return for a fee. Any person found guilty under this section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be subject to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six (6) months, or to a fine of not less than two hundred fifty dollars ($250) nor more than one thousand dollars ($1,000), or both.”
    - Rhode Island Statutes § 11-34.1-2

    The commerce is the mummy engaging (pledge denotes to put under security) in sexual conduct with another person for a fee. The story of Osiris and Isis give an explanation about sexual conduct. Sexual conduct only exist in the ET realm. It doesn’t exist in the mankind realm. The word “penetration” gives it away. Penetration is surgical piecing. Mankind dick stop at the cervix so it cannot be penetration. In ET beings, the penis is a surgical instrument that piece through the female organ of generation.

    The cop is going to misidentify you as being a person. They are a guardian lunatic. Attorneys work around the limitation of the person to make the statutes to fit you. How do they work around it? It is through the name. The name forms a fictional person (trust) situation.

    A paralegal professor gave me the hint in class. The corporation cannot get arrested. The corporate officer get arrested. The agent goes to jail and the principle get warehoused.

    I listen to a Youtube video about a sovereign citizen talking about the person with an attorney over the phone. She said that the person includes the woman, man, and/or child. In other countries, the people believe the government owns them. The person is government (the fiction around the living mummy). He didn’t comprehend the word “include.” The word “include” is used to highlight important components of an object. For example, my car includes a new battery. Sovereign citizens are wrong by believing the word include is restrictive and not expansive. Everything mentioned after include is not excluded but contains. If you make the statement that your car includes new battery and it doesn’t have the new battery, it is a false statement.

    The cop is making allegation that you are using the property (crown’s property) in the mummy tomb to do commerce. All criminal cases are a constructive trust. The Upper and Lowercase name is the trustee, agent, or corporate officer (ex. Joe Job).

    Prostitution Loopholes Exposed

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    Lightbulb Name You Believe You Own!!!

    The name you believe you own belongs to the ET being (Christ corpse). It doesn't belong to you. You have been working for the Christ corpse all your live and didn't know it.

    The name is a fiction. The ET being is not a fiction. The judge place you "in person." You are inside the trust of the that surrounds the corporate body. The judge ask you to state your name for the record.

    When I sign the bond papers, I have to make the X to be an *. If you sign with an X, you are stating you are a lunatic or illiterate.

    On top of that, I will sign in all lowercase (ex. * joe-blow-job + with P through the asterisk).

    The ALL CAPITAL is the corporate trust. The Upper and Lowercase (ex. Joe B. Job) is the trustee. The all small is the beneficiary.

    If you hold onto the ET name tag, the judge got your ass. If the judge ask me if I am so and so in fact, I will state that I am not inside the name. No, I am "at" fact and not "in" fact.

    When the judge ask you to state the name (trust), I will tell the judge that this name belongs to the ET being. I don't have access to the ET being nor the crown's property. I don't know if the name belong to me. Since no one dispute the name, I come as the beneficiary.

    The court case belongs to the Social Security Administration Trust because the Social Security Number is used in this case. Here is the copy of the front and back of the card, and birth certificate. You are the trustee so you settle the case and you perform the ritual to raise the infants from the dead and dispose the Christ corpse in the name. I send back the social security card to the SSA.

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