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Thread: 323-827-3488 a violent and frightening deceitful liar

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    Exclamation 323-827-3488 a violent and frightening deceitful liar

    WHAT DID SHE LOOK LIKE:She was a short black african american woman about five foot five or five foot six she had on some blue leggings and a blue top... and im not completely sure but i think she had some brown contact lenses in her eyes as well.

    WHAT HAPPENED:First when we were texting each other on the phone to set up the appointment-she gave me a fake address she told me 4816 118thplace instead of 4826 118thplace which was the real address... the incall location was in hawthorne which already had me a bit skeptical about going over there because i was warned about the gangs in that area of la county... when i got to the address of 4816 there were ALOT of men hanging and standing around outside so i called her to let her know i was at the address she answered the phone and came out from behind me in the apartment complex numbered 4826 which was the real address of the incall location thats right across the street from the address of 4816 which is the address that she gave me over the phone when she came out from behind me from where i was standing the first thing i noticed is that she didnt really look ANYTHING like ANY of the photos that i had seen posted of her on the ad on the backpage website... that was the first red flag right there... STUPID ME!!!... as soon as i saw that that wasnt the same person from the ad posted on october 5th 2015 that i was expecting, i should've just turned around and left... but unfortunately even though it wasnt the same girl that i was expecting... i had come a LONG way (all the way from santa monica) and part of me still found her moderately attractive at the time so I decided to follow her where she lead me deep into this gated apartment complex and up the stairs to the top floor to the first door on the top floor and she opened it and when she opened the door I went in behind her and as I entered she said to the girl that was laying on the couch to my right as i entered that i said that there was a bunch of black people outside when in fact i did not say that at all... that was the second red flag (because i would be SOON to realize that this woman is a compulsive liar who I think may or may not have bi polar disorder who LIES when it comes to just about everything... as I would soon discover. When we got into what I presume was her room she turned the lights off and pulled her legging pants down and off and got undressed... once she got undressed she sat down on the floor in the room we were in on her knees and just sat there staring at me without saying anything which I took as a hint that she wanted me to pay her now so I go into my phanny pack and give her the three twenty dollar bills ($60 dollars) that i had for her I told her that I just wanted a handjob and as she started stroking I told her that she was not doing it right...(because she wasn't)... She would grip it from the side instead of with her whole hand which put me in alot of pain so I had to manually guide her with my hand three,four times in a row and after i think about the third or fourth time im telling her shes not doing it right and guiding her hand myself to show her as to how it should be done she ALWAYS put her hand back into the PAINFUL way she was doing it after only one or to strokes of doing it in the painless correct way that I both showed and told her about later she went back to doing it whatever way she felt like doing it which is the messed up way she was stroking it that was putting me in alot of uncomfortable pain so for the last time... the fourth or fifth time i think i told her she was doing it wrong and once again i took her wrist and guided her hand in an attempt to show her the proper way to do it and as i am guiding her hand and telling her how to do it she said "all you do is complain" so eventually i got fed up from the incorrect way she was doing it after time and time again of both showing and telling her the correct way to do it- so i got from where we were sitting on our knees put my clothes on and tried to leave and as I'm doing that the other girl who was laying on the couch came into the doorway of the room and said I heard the two of you all arguing... but I just ignored her and what she said as I just wanted to get dressed and leave and didn't want any trouble and wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible and put this horrible service experience behind continued to put my clothes on as all I wanted to do at that point was leave that horrible place due to the horrible amatuer service I received. Once the girl that came to the doorway and said what i stated above and left the door way to the room that I was in getting dressed and went back into the area of that apartment where she was originally when I first entered the apartment the girl that I was with who had brought me into the apartment left the room I was in while I was getting dressed and as I'm getting dressed in the room I could hear her on the phone talking with somebody saying "come get this nigga"... So once I finally got dressed and exited the room that I was in and planning- on leaving the apartment that she had brought me to and putting this whole miserable, time wasted experience behind me... the girl i was with in the room-was standing by the side of the door right outside of it (most likely waiting for me to come out of it so that she lie saying that she doesn't have all the money so that she can extort more money from me and have her gangbanger friends come and beat me up and rob me if i don't give her any extras) as im heading toward the front door of the apartment to leave exit and be on my way she gets in my face sticks her hand out in front of me in a come her or give me type of hand motion... i look at her ignore the hand gesture motion that she is making (because i know damn well that i had already paid her, she took the money out of my hand while we were in the room together the $60 dollars that i already paid her)- and continue on my way to the door so that i can leave and when im almost to the door she starts yelling "HOLD UP!!! HOLD UP!!! and runs in front of me to block the apartment door exit and the other girl who was in the apartment went and picked up the two sharp knives that they had on the kitchen counter right behind them and handed one of them to her so i back up away from the door because i dont want to get stabbed because in my head i figure obviously this lady is crazy... so as i back away from the door she comes up to me getting in my face with the knife and starts bullying me in an attempt to get more money from me when we both agreed on sixty dollars for a quick visit (i still had the text in my phone if she hadnt stolen it i would post it on here somehow as well)... at first i thought that it was just a misunderstanding and that maybe she had just left some of the money in the room that we were in and forgot because i know for a fact that she had money in her left hand before she left the room (i saw it)... then when she got into my face for the second time she showed me the sixty dollars and made the give me more hand motion slash gesture... and at that moment i knew that she had been lying about not having all the money and that i had been set up in an attempt to get slash extort more money from me...- once she saw that she could not extort more (money from me because we both mutually agreed on sixty for a quick visit and she was paid the sixty in three brand new crisp twenty dollar bills, and her service wasnt even good AT ALL as stated in detail above so why am i going to let you extort me for extra money than what we already both agreed upon)-SHE got in my face and started going into this long (had to be five or seven minute rant or monologue or whatever you want to call it) talking about all her "dead homies cuz" and all this other gang nonsense... she started LYING to me telling me that i had raped her WHICH I DID NOT (all she slash we did was give slash recieve) a (horribly painful handjob) but because i wouldnt give her more money than what we already agreed upon (the $60 dollars which i both paid her and that she showed me that she had in her hand when i was attempting to leave the apartment the first time that she got up in my face trying to bully me when she was waiting standing by the door waiting for me to exit the room that we were in)... after she finished with her long overly dramatic rant she told me that i was about to get jumped and (i realize now that the reason she tried to extort slash get more money from me was because while she was sitting down on the floor on her knees in the room that we were in waiting for me to get the $60 sixty dollars out... (the agreed upon amount)... of my phanny pack she saw that i had more money in my phanny pack ($184 dollars to be exact) as i was taking out the 60 dollars and handing it to her and when she saw that i had more money... my guess now thinking back on it is that she decided to make up a FALSE story about (me raping her and not pay the full amount which is not true and call and tell it to her gangbanger friends and have her gangbanger friends the ones who jumped me and-who were outside-the place in hawthorne who i realize now were a part of the large group of men hanging out outside across the street so that they could jump me, beat me up and rob me of the rest of the money that i had in my phanny pack... she also stole my phone in that apartment as well... long story short i was finally able to escape from the two eratic women in that apartment by gentley brushing one of them aside (after she had finally and thankfully put the knife down but unfortunately before that while she still had the knife in her hand ranting, she punched me in my eye for no reason when i didnt even do anything to her... most likely hoping that i would hit her back so that she can use that as an excuse to have her gangbanger friends across the street downstairs come up into the apartment and beat me up... so that she could get the rest of my money that she saw in my phanny pack... which i now know is who she called on the phone when she left the room while i was getting dressed and ready to leave.... she made up a story about me raping her and told them that nonsense over the phone so that they would come beat me up and so that she could then rob me for the rest of my money that i had on me the $184 dollars which is what i had left over in cash that she saw in my phanny pack after i gave her the sixty dollars for a quick visit which again... IS THE AMOUNT WE BOTH AGREED UPON over the phone and thru text) which she saw... ANYWAY after i was finally able to gently brush one of them aside and make my way out the apartment door and quickly down the stairs i had finally gotten away from those two evil crazy ladies... or so i thought... as i finally make it all the way down the stairs and to the exit gate of the apartment complex i see two big ass black men who are twice my size... (im only 5'10) they had to be about 6'3 or 6'4 if not taller one light skin black man and one REALLY black black man the light skin one kicked me in my stomache grab me and then they both take turns punching me and hitting me as i put both of my hands up around my head in an attempt to block at least some of there punches and then out of nowhere i hear the woman who I guess had made it down the stairs as well say "tase that nigga" then all of a sudden i hear a woman with what sounded like a jamaican accent come up behind me on my right side yelling something in some foreign accent that i didnt understand which i assume now was-jamaican patois a form of broken english that they speak in the country of jamaica.- once the two goons who were twice my size stopped punching me for a few seconds... what i presume was the jamaician sounding lady came up behind me and tased me in my right arm which I think caused me to passout for a few seconds and the next thing i remember one of the gangmembers was hitting me repeatedly in the head with my skateboard and then once he put my skateboard down which he also stole from me... they both started stomping me in the head while i was on the ground and then the prostitute told them that i had more money stashed in my pants which is where my phanny pack was then the big black guy started pulling violently at my pants in an attempt to rip my pants off in order to get and steal both my hard earned- money from my phanny and the phanny pack itself...- i know you all are probably laughing right now thinking that i am making all of this up but I PROMISE YOU im not... the address is 4826 apartment 5 118th place Hawthorne, California 90250 go there and see for yourself if you don't believe me.... she lied to these fucking ASSHOLES who beat up me and then tased me... (which left me defenseless)... in order to get more money from me i.e. (the money that she saw in my phanny pack that i left open when i gave her the sixty dollars which again WAS THE AGREED UPON AMOUNT...NOT MORE) when she already had the sixty dollars and then lied to them saying that she didnt and that i raped her......- i could be wrong about this but i think that there are multiple women in that neighborhood in hawthorne who take turns using that same number 323-827-3488 to prostitute themselves out and unfortunately for me i got the crazy,amatuer, deceitful, lunatic, evil,lying, bi polar one that night ... or maybe there is only one girl who uses that number 323-827-3488 (the one i had the displeasure of dealing with on that night) and maybe the female i saw that night was posting fake pictures of other girls... I STILL DONT KNOW!!! Set up an appointment with the female and or females using this number to prostitute themselves, AT YOUR OWN RISK....- MAYBE YOU'LL HAVE BETTER LUCK THAN I DID... instead of having to spend the rest of your night in an inglewood hospital with permanenet eye damage from being punched in the eye twice, beaten half to death which caused me to recieve, two sprained fingers on both my left and right hand and permanent brain damage from being repeatedly punched and stomped in the head and to have your phanny pack stolen along with your id, social security card, birth certificate and your credit cards... (all of which was in my phanny pack that got stolen by this gangbanging prostitute and her five "homies" all for a measley $184 dollars which is all that i had left in my phanny pack money wise after she originally watched/saw me take out and give to her the sixty dollars in that apartment... if youre reading this... fuck you bitch... i hope you die a slow and painful death... after you experience an equal amount of pain and suffering that your LIES caused me on that warm night in october... far far away from home...

    p.s.:she also uses the numbers 323-747-2428 and 323-455-7666 as well

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    Exclamation 323-455-7666 knife wielding shyster

    Go to select los angeles, california... click on escorts then type in Hawthorne the number is (323-455-7666)

    What did she look like: tall dark skin african american female she had on a sharp knife in her hand

    323-455-7666..... She was one of the two women who held sharp knives on me in that apartment, (4826 apartment 5 118th place, Hawthorne, California 90250)..... an attempt to extort more money from me after calling whoever it is that she called, telling them that I raped her and that I didn't pay which was and STILL is a, LIE!!! because the prostitute who uses the number 323-827-3488 showed me that she had the money in her hands when i tried to leave... never again

    DEAL WITH HER (323-455-7666) AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! she may try to bully and extort you for extra money like how her and her friend did me.Both 323-827-3488 and 323-455-7666 BOTH live in the same apartment at that same address and prostitute together...


    .In an attempt to extort a tip from me after I had already paid her the original $60 dollars WHICH WAS THE AMOUNT THAT WE BOTH mutually agreed upon both thru phone calls and thru text

    she will try to lie and say that she didn't receive slash get the full amount of money when you are putting your clothes on about to leave in order to trick slash get you to give her a tip slash extra money when you are about to leave after receiving a HORRIBLE, PAINFUL hand job and if you dont give her extra money or a tip which she didnt deserve due to the HORRIBLE service i recieved... she will call her (crip gangbanger friends who live on 118 place in Hawthorne to come beat you up and rob you of everything that you have and then they will tell you don't come back or you will get hurt even worse so again...

    BEWARE AND BE CAREFUL!!!... if you decide to make an appointment with either one of them (323-455-7666) and (323-827-3488) especially the one who uses the number 323-827-3488 is particularly crazy. Both 323-455-7666 and 323-827-3488 both live together in the SAME apartment and will demand a tip slash extra money for the other one who lives there even if she didn't participate and was in the other room the (living room) when the horrible, mediocre and painful handjob services were being done

    #buyer beware

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