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Thread: Flordia Prostitution Law- Hire is Free Human Energy!!!

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    Lightbulb Flordia Prostitution Law- Hire is Free Human Energy!!!

    If you ended up in court over a prostitution charge, you may want to charge the judge's cell phone with the Holy Grail. For three years, I was con into believing the person is a fiction. It is not a fiction. That what I realize today.

    john william know someone. He got caught with weed in his system and driving. He was charged with drinking with a control substance in his system. When he talk to the attorney about the person being a fiction, the attorney said it was patriot myth. He is right. All statutes focus on the Last Supper of Jesus. The Last Supper of Jesus deals with Free Human Energy. That what the ET bankers are looking for.

    “The word “person” includes individuals, children, firms, associations, joint adventures, partnerships, estates, trusts, business trusts, syndicates, fiduciaries, corporations, and all other groups or combinations.”
    – Florida Statutes 1.01

    "(7) "Person" includes a human being from the moment of fertilization and implantation and also includes a body of persons, whether incorporated or not."-RS 14:2

    The person is not a fiction. It is a natural battery. The names are fictions.

    It is a clay jar in the days of Jesus. What happen is someone figure out to use the Jesus free energy to con the world. That is how the Vatican becomes the government above all government.

    The body politics is the Jesus body. The corporate is the body of Christ that is the corpse. When it runs through certain alternator, it change the bodily energy into money (human energy).

    Gold and silver coins are not money but unconditional offer to come back with money. The word "money" has been misused. This energy is measured in dollars and cents.

    The penal statutes deals with this free energy. There is a tax on this free energy. Guilty denotes condemn to pay.

    If a person is a fiction, it cannot violate any statutes.

    (1) As used in this section:
    (a) “Prostitution” means the giving or receiving of the body for sexual activity for hire but excludes --- between spouses. …- Florida Statutes 796.07

    I solved Florida's prostitution law. The Model Penal Code state that independent hookers and mistress-lovers doesn't meet the hire requirement. Reward for --- doesn't meet the hire requirement. The reward is material so it doesn't meet the hire requirement and commerce in the state's prostitution law. The Model Penal Code written in the context of a pimp slaving the prostitute for human energy (money). The pimp is using her as an alternator to generate hire (human energy). That is the slavery.

    The giving or receiving of the body is the transfer of the Jesus energy into the alternator called ------ and it returns money (human energy). Now there is a tax this energy called a misdemeanor. If someone got a medical or marriage license, it is permission to not pay the tax. It is like buying a parking permit.

    The ALL CAPITAL NAME is a fiction account that owns the natural battery. The cop arrest you as a corporate officer because you were making free human energy. The cop arrest you as security for this energy.

    The judge want you to charge the creditors battery. If during trial you are found guilty, you must charge the creditor's battery. If you don't, you will get a conviction.

    The negotiable instrument is demanding money. Money is human energy. Congress never define money but give hints. It is measured in gold. Money is energy that can be trapped in gold. FDR didn't care the creditors took the gold and silver coins. The US only went bankrupt to protect the Holy Grail in 1933 which is the natural battery that trap human energy.

    I explain more about the word con. Government is nothing more than a natural battery that should not take more than a room. The founding fathers wrote in the 4th amendment that the people have the right to be in their natural batteries (persons).

    Prostitution Loopholes Exposed

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    Don't forget to charge the judge's and prosecutor's cell phones with money. It is a safe alternative to electric.

    Aleister Crowley knew about this free human energy. He cannot discuss it when he went too high in Freemasonry.

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