"Person" defined. – The word "person" extends to and includes co-partnerships and bodies corporate and politic." - Rhode Island Statutes § 43-3-6

"The word "person" includes corporations, as well as natural persons."
-Olkahoma Statutes Section 21:2-105

The king has two bodies in the book "Leviathan" by Thomas Hobbes; corporate and body politics. The natural person is equivalent to “person” and "body politics and corporate." The natural person is government. The natural person is a collection of infants (citizens) gather together under a corporate entity. State statutes refers to common law. If you don't find the definition of "natural person" in statutes, you may find it in common law.

Human being, individual, and child is defined in 1 USC 8. It is a collection of every infant members of the homo sapien species. The collection of every infant members make up the government. Your birth certificate is a certificate of an infant member. It is a citizen that part of the collective of infants that make up government. I believe the infant members are cestui via trusts. Human being is a natural person.

This Canadian decision still applies to the US due to common law. The common law definition of natural person applies in all US states except Lousiana. Lousiana is a French civil law state and doesn't differ from common law principle of the person. The legistatures intent is to regulate body politics and corporate so the principal applies in all the states.

"16 Black's Law Dictionary (7th Ed.) (1999) gives as the primary meaning of the word "person", "a human being" and, as a secondary meaning, "an entity (such as a corporation) that is recognized by law as having the rights and duties of a human being". Osborn's Concise Law Dictionary (7th Ed.), (1983) defines a "person" as:

The object of rights and duties, that is, capable of having rights and of being liable to duties. Persons are of two kinds, natural and artificial. A natural person is a human being; an artificial person is a collection or succession of natural persons forming a corporation. ...

In the Dictionary of Canadian Law (2nd Ed.) (1995), a "person" is a "natural person" and "includes a body corporate or politic" Blackstone himself made the same distinction between natural and artificial persons and treated them all as persons in the eyes of the law (see para. [11] above).

17 These definitions taken from dictionaries including dictionaries of legal terms are uniform and clear. A "person" in its ordinary meaning includes a human being or a natural person as well as an artificial person such as a corporation. The primary sense of the word is a natural person; the secondary sense, an artificial person such as a corporation.

18 The Interpretation Act (Canada) is consistent with this ordinary meaning. Section 35 of that Act defines a "person", as follows:

"person" or any word or expression, descriptive of a person includes a corporation.

The use of the verb "includes" extends the definition to include a corporation. The definition does not exclude a human being. In the French text of the Act, the meaning is even clearer:

personne Personne physique ou morale; l'une ou l'autre notions sont visées dans des formulations générales, impersonnelles ou comportant des pronoms ou adjectifs indéfinis.

A "personne physique" is a natural person; a "personne morale" is a corporation.

19 I am, therefore, driven to the conclusion that in its ordinary meaning and in its common or popular sense, the word "person" in a statute includes both natural persons and corporations."
-Indexed as: Kennedy v. Canada (Customs and Revenue Agency) [2000] O.J. No. 3313 Ontario Superior Court of Justice

"English statutes as common law. – In all cases in which provision is not made herein, the English statutes, introduced before the Declaration of Independence, which have continued to be practiced under as in force in this state, shall be deemed and taken as a part of the common law of this state and remain in force until otherwise specially provided. "-Rhode Island Statutes 43-3-1

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