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Thread: Police forced entry - suspicion, but nothing found

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    Default Police forced entry - suspicion, but nothing found

    Since no one was home they breached the front door, destroying the lock and frame surrounding the door.They also damaged some items, and interior of the house. Nothing happened, no charges, they just said they had a search warrant for X items. They did not try to call anyone or anything, just breached after knocking a few times apparently.Am I entitled to any compensation from the Police? Anything I can cite to help?

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    If the cops are sniffing around then you should hire a lawyer in case they're trying to build some case against you.

    What was the supporting evidence for their suspicion?

    I seem to remember this happening to a friend a long time ago but it was an apartment and they busted in the door of the wrong unit so when the dust settled they paid for everything but he still had to get a lawyer.

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    It was the right house (that was indicated on the paper).

    And no I didn't have anything illegal, it was based on suspicions from a third party informant.

    However I did call the police station after and they said no compensation. I guess that solves that.

    And well they didn't just smash and grab, but rather they knocked down the front door and searched the house, found nothing I came home said wtf they explained they have a warrant and no one was home and therefore forced their entry.

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