Hi ---,I know the internet isn't the best place to ask for this type of advice, but this community is full of smart people I'm hoping can provide some guidance. Here's the scoop, sorry for the lengthy post.On Jan 23rd around 7:00AM, my wife was parked in my mother-in-law's driveway dropping off our daughter. Nobody was in the car. The person living across the street (we'll call him Rob) backed out of his driveway and into the back of my car. My wife left for work not knowing anything had happened, there was no note on my car. Later that day, my mother-in-law went outside and noticed bits of broken tail light on her driveway (which she still has as evidence). She then looked around and saw the truck across the street with a broken tail light. After taking pictures of his truck, she rang the doorbell and Rob admitted he backed into the vehicle and was waiting until later in the day before coming across the street, so as to not wake anyone up. Mother-in-law then phoned my wife at work and we both assessed the damage to our vehicle, didn't look like much, scrape on the back door wheel cover (rav4), and a small scratch on the bumper. Really didn't seem like much, thinking under $1000. Rob then left a message for my wife at work asking for her to call him back. He didn't admit anything on this message unfortunately. My wife phoned him back, he apologized for backing into our car and asked to meet later that afternoon to look at the vehicle. My wife met him that afternoon and agreed that if it was under $1000 we wouldn't go through insurance, though I did contact my insurance agent as a heads up. The next day, Jan 24th I got an estimate of $4000 as the entire rear door was slightly pushed in so it requires replacement. After hearing this, Rob again asked to meet later that day to take a look himself. I arrived at my MiL's at 5PM and called Rob who said he's not around. I asked for his insurance information and he hung up on me. The next day, January 25th, we filed a police report and a statement. We also filed a claim with our insurance company and provided them all the information and pictures we had of both vehicles.Jan 28 we hear from our insurance company that Rob is denying everything and claims we are making it up. Our insurance company doesn't seem to know how to proceed and has been less than helpful thus far. In the 10 years we have been with this insurance company (State Farm), we have not had a single claim. We have a police investigator assigned to our case, but are concerned that without any witnesses, it will be deemed 50/50.Some things we think we have in our favour;* Why would Rob give us his phone number and contact my wife if he was not guilty?* Why would he ask twice to assess the damage if he was not guilty?Wondering what you think of this situation. Anything else we should do? We've left a message for the police investigator to contact us if he has any questions. Not sure if it's now just a waiting game? Any thoughts, advice, feedback you have would be great. Thanks in advance!