Usually i do not call girls that don't have face pics. But i gave this girl a try. Her pics were nice, it seem to me she was tall and petite from the looks on her pic. Her conversion on the phone was normal, long story short i gave her the address to the motel i was staying at with the room number. The moment i answer the door i was very upset! i had been fooled, she was a very heavy weight gal. But her lips and breast size look big enough for me so i thought, why the hell not she is already here. As our session began she didn't want to take her clothes off or give me any satisfaction. She kept prolonging trying to ask me questions. She then started getting angry and raised her voice saying she needed more of a donation just to have intercourse. So right there and then i knew she was trying to up sell. I wouldn't have mind but she was no where near the pics she had posted.