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Thread: 305-240-3802 Beautiful Indian Goddess

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    Default 305-240-3802 Beautiful Indian Goddess

    I have been seeing this girl for over two years and she is still my #1 ATF. On the first day, I was pleasantly surprised to see a delicate beautiful girl. Many Indian adds are fake or the girls are not as pretty. Then the beautiful ones don't want to serve you for 30 minutes. This girl is glad to serve me for 30 min for $120. I used to spend $200 on sessions. Then I started playing with $160/hr Asians. I liked some of them, but they would leave in a month or so.
    This girl continues to be my long term ATF because I just don't get this quality and service for $120. She had told me that she mostly sees her regulars and I know why. She treats you well for a long term relation unlike the rip off bitches. She is basically a petite spinner like hot Asians, but with delicate Caucasian / Indian features. Natural tits and ass are also bigger than typical Asians. The delicate features may be closer to beautiful Indian girls than Caucasian girls. She is a great Caucasian / Indian mix. She is always smiling and I love it. She is also well behaved and polite with no tattoos and easy going cool personality. Since I see her every month, I am almost tempted to use some "full moon" Indian poetry. Two thumbs up for this rare beauty.
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    Thumbs down Review- 3052403802- Dirty girl

    I met this Dirty lady last week. Experience was really bad. Looks are average and indian black pussy lady and she tells she is from Sacramento.
    Very rushing, watching the time always and keeps looking in mobile, attending calls, replies to text messages for next customer during the session. That was really disgusting, never concentrates. Before the time is up, she tells time over and gets out of the session.

    I suggest not to go to this service provider

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    Default disgusting

    so what is her number? most women on there aren't the same,pictures are fake. i hope u didn't end up getting robbed

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    Talking Amazing experience

    After seeing a few other girls in the area and being nothing less than disappointed, I found a gem! So petite and her body was perfect for her size. Was extremely patient with me so I extended our time, and had to share my experience. Will definitely be keeping her number

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