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Thread: Prostitution Laws-Satanic Sacrifice and Bid Bonds!!

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    Talking Prostitution Laws-Satanic Sacrifice and Bid Bonds!!

    ” (35) “Property,” anything of value, including, but not limited to, motor vehicles, real estate, tangible and intangible personal property, contract rights, choses-in-action, and other interests in or claims to wealth, admission or transportation tickets, captured or domestic animals, food and drink, electric or other power, services, and signatures which purport to create, maintain, or extinguish any legal obligation;”-South Dakota Criminal Law 22-1-2

    From my sovereignty research, I concluded the prostitution laws is about Satanic sacrifice and bid bonds.

    Sex for cash is illegal under public policy. Public policy is not state law but bar association policy. The vice cops are enforcing policy not statutes. An anthroporos (live man or woman) doesn't meet the statutory definition of person. A person is part of body politics and corporate. It also contains a collection of infants of the homo species acording 1 USC 8. When someone call themselves a person or human being, they admitted to be pregant with a an unborn child at every stage of development. That is allot of infants.

    Lord Jesus perfected an aborted procedure called prostitution. The sex organs of the hermaphrodite ET is stimulated and there are certain drugs used. The sexaul stimulation causes the early birth of the child. The child is used for the Satanic sacrifice.

    Lord Jesus perfected the human sacrifice that the ETs can walk among us as true humans. The Satanic Last Supper of Jesus is how the Vatican became the government above all governments and the religion over all religions through the Satanic secret societies.

    Lord Jesus taught cannabalism. He served his clone at the Last Supper. He taught his disciples to eat his body and drink his blood.

    All court cases are demanding the property for the Satanic Last Supper of Jesus. My friend Nate is facing criminal charges over suspended license.

    He is thinking of authorizing the judge to do the prostitution and put the aborted infants into the motor vehicle for the Satanic Last Supper of Jesus.

    Prostitution is the center of all court cases. Nate is realizing his driving while suspended is center around prostitution.

    What did the secret societies members taught you from 2002 to early 2015? Prostitution has to do with human trafficking.

    The human trafficking is aborting the unborn child for Satanic sacrifice.

    The vice cops are harrassing sex workers and their clients over the Satanic Last Supper of Jesus. They don't know it.

    Sexual activity for hire or a fee has to do with Satanic worship. A fee is payment for professional services. It is equivalent to hire. Services is acts or render due to the lords under feudalism for the reason of the estate. This definition is found in common law.

    Commerce has to do with Satanic worship. The goods defined in UCC includes an unborn animal and crops. Brutish human is included in Ballentine's Law Dictionary of animal.

    I concluded that the unborn animal is the aborted Jesus clone and wheat and grape for the Satanic Last Supper of Jesus.

    The arrestee is pick up and have to pay an administrative sacrifice for the illegal activity for violating the policy while inside the person. There is a contract that the persons which are fictions are bond to.

    The defendant is issued a bid bond. When the arrestee doesn't deliver the property for Satanic Last Supper of Jesus, the bid bond goes into default. There is a penal sum for default on the bid bond.

    The judge is the one responsible for discharging the bond. The arrestee is the collateral for the bid bond. If the judge discharge enough, the arrestee doesn't goes to jail but get probation or other non-jail sentence. If the judge refuse to discharge to a certain point, the arrestee goes to jail.

    The words "perform" and "engage" appears in the prostitution laws. Perform can denotes to fullfill or ommission to act. The word "engage" denotes to pledge to do something or forbear. Forbear denotes to not pay the bond. Sex acts are bonds that needs to be paid.

    The Moorish nation leaders and the Sovereignty Gurus are putting out information about the bid bonds and criminal charges.

    I believe the Moorish Nation leaders and Sovereignty Gurus are members of a secret society under the Vatican. If they are not, I believe the cops will assasinate them. I believe cops are members of secret societies like the Freemasons.

    Secret societies doesn't keep secret. They put the information out somewhere. I believe these leaders are coached by attorneys and judges to give out information on what they are doing behind the scene. They just don't give it out in one pie.

    If no one object, they can continue with the monetization scam. I read the bid bond forms on the GSA forms section. It shows there is a penal sum behind the bonds.

    The administrative sacrifice for violating the policy is civil and not criminal. It gets elevated to criminal because of the bid bonds. I am sure this is what happens.

    Prostitution Loopholes Exposed

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    is there really a law like this?

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    Seems a little odd doesnt it. . .. . .

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