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TOsluts stands for Sweet Little Unforgettable Things and is 100% non profit. Joining is simple and ofcourse free! By placing a free ad on this site you confirm that your service is legal at your location. Start by registering at the discussion board and confirming your e-mail address. Login with your username and password and click on "Quick Links -> Edit Your Details -> Additional Information" put some details about yourself, the more the better, include your contact infromation and click on Save Changes. Go to "Quick Links -> Pictures & Albums -> Add Album", enter a title and a detailed description and click Submit. Click on "Click here to upload pictures!" and upload some recent fair sized, good quality photos with no watermarks. Amateur looking photos are preferred so no professional studio pictures or photoshoppped pictures please. Take a look at this profile to get an idea of what we are looking for. If you are posting a link to your website make sure to have a link back to Please use one of these banners.

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The final step you must take is introducing yourself on our board. If you move or change your phone number you must updated your profile immediately. Please remember that being listed on is a privilege, abuse it and you'll get blacklisted.

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